The Tower of Cambridge Colleges

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“The place as we approached seemed more and more
To have an eddy’s force, and sucked us in
More eagerly at every step we took […]
My spirit was up, my thoughts were full of hope”
The Prelude, William Wordsworth

As Wordsworth describes in his epic poem, The Prelude, Cambridge has an allure and draw that seems to infuse the very fabric of the city. The Cam, its bridges, the colleges, their quadrangles, lawns and trees: it all works as one, weaving an almost hypnotic air. Maybe it’s the promise that the university embodies, maybe it’s the knowledge of those who have walked the paths and corridors before you; whatever it is, Cambridge has an enigmatic hold on those who study there. As Wordsworth writes, “I was the dreamer, they the dream”.

Painted in watercolour and ink, The Tower of Cambridge Colleges consists of the university’s colleges arranged in a broadly chronological order…no mean feat for an architectural range from 1284 to 1977!

Prints are available in small (A3) medium (A2) and large (A1) sizes. All prints are numbered and signed by the artist.

Prints are presented on archival paper and produced in top quality printers' ink, lasting up to 200 years if kept in the correct conditions.

A key is included to identify the content.

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